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Darkness of the Soul

Dir. Kevin Chicken


"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer"

When fading Hollywood star, Rita Blanc and her up and coming daughter, Grace, let writer Jeff Hill into their lives, they have no idea of his past, or what he intends his future to be.

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Tottenham Rules

Dir. J. Bunting-Johnson
Gritty social dra


How far would you go to pull someone you love back from the brink?


A successful businessman from the wrong side of the tracks revisits his troubled past in order to save his nephew from the fate he could have had.

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The Girl from Rio

Dir. Piotar Mularek
Romantic Comedy

A modern-day fairytale. When Anna leaves her dull life behind for a trip to Brazil she hopes she will discover the love of her life. Instead, she discovers herself.

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The Guinea Pig Club

Dir. Kevin Chicken
2nd World War Drama

Based on the true
story of Sir Archibold McIndoe and the heroic Spitfire pilots whose lives he helped to rebuild after they were horribly injured in the airtime fights of World War II.
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Dir. Kevin Chicken
Crime Drama.

A Serbian detective, living in London, returns home to help the local police solve a series of horrific murders

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Sinner, Saviour, Saint?

Dir. J. Bunting-Johnson

A policeman that veers towards rape; a rapist that strives to be good and a vigilante inspired to heroism who runs from the grasp of the law. What is it to be truly bad and what are the degrees in between? A London-based thriller of three characters searching for their true inner mantle: savior, sinner...or saint?

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