The story of one man’s quest to create perfect beauty, Perfect Skin is a dark psychological thriller, set in the worlds of tattooing and body modification in modern day London. 


Katia, an eastern European ex au pair adrift in London is drawn to and befriends a seemingly friendly tattoo artist. His life however is spiralling out of control and in his final attempt to fulfil his dream he kidnaps her, intending her to be his muse for his lasting work of art. Her body will be his canvas.


A dark and thrilling tale of unfulfilled passion and ambition that slides into obsession. 

Worldwide release 2019.

Directed by: Kevin Chicken

Written by: Kevin Chicken & Dusan Tolmac

Starring: Richard Brake, Natalia Kostrzewa & Jo Woodcock



"Perfect Skin is an extraordinary directorial debut. Spellbinding cinematography and Richard Brake's arresting performance guarantee this film will get under your skin."

"With Perfect Skin, first-time director Kevin Chicken has crafted a film of true beauty, complimented perfectly by Richard Brake at his absolute best."

"Richard Brake Delivers a Haunting Performance in Perfect Skin."

"Perfect Skin is an engaging and horrifying film that will draw you in and refuse to let you go."


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