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Rosie's War

Written and Directed by Morgan Hutchins

It’s the summer of 1944 and the war is drawing to a close. Hazel doesn’t know where her father is or whether she will ever see him again. Hazel is 7 years old, has a black eye, a catapult, and a very sharp knife. She loves Fred Astaire, wild birds, commandos, and most of all drawing…

Based on the early life of Morgan’s mum, the children’s author and illustrator Pat Hutchins


Familiar Things

Directed by Sylvain Chomet

Co-Producer: Dominic Buttimore

Set in the early 1980s outside the sprawling capital city of Seoul, South Korea, Flower Island, a vast landfill mountain serving the city is little known, and even

less thought about.


It is here that the young Bugeye and his Mum are forced to come, making a new home and family. Bugeye and his friend Baldspot face the challenges and growing pains of adolescence, along the way encountering issues with gender identity and self-knowledge.

This is a story of friendship, strength of spirit, kindness, and hope. A tale that will engage both adults and children, this film is destined to become a family

classic relevant to our times.

Pre-Production Spring 2024

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California Dreaming

Written and Directed by Kevin Chicken

When Madeleine Kalanski, a fading Hollywood star is introduced by her PA to Alex a supposed aspiring playwright, it seems he has the perfect project to relaunch her career. Madeleine’s daughter Grace a promising young actress who is recovering from substance abuse is not so trusting.

Alex is indeed not who he seems and as he plays the two women off each other, friends and associates start to die.


Is the killer coming for them too or is there a way out for at least one of them?

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